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Our item variety includes all types of helical equipment, spur gear, bevel equipment, gear rack, worm equipment, sprockets,chains, bearings. If you need to have any information or samples, make sure you contact us and you will have our shortly reply. We are aiming to meet up with the requires of the customers close to the planet..
Phi150/ Phi600 times750 AGC Rev. Cold Rolling Mill
1. Rolling Problem
one.Rolling substance:CK22,CK45,CK67,CK75,Ck100
two.Blank specification:thickness H=5.0mm,Width B=600mm
3.Merchandise specification:thickness H ge0.28mm,Width B=600mm
four.Coil inside diameter/Coil outside diameter: Phi600/ Phi1500mm
5.Max. coil excess weight:W=12000KG
6.Max. rolling force:P le8000KN
seven.Rolling pace:V=-150m/min(adjustable)
eight.Winding pressure:T le90KN.

2. Procedure stream
EPT loading and unloading trolley #8594EPT up indent sort area rack #8594Two roller pinch and 5 roller leveling devices #8594Wedding and slicing system #8594EPTr stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. loop #8594Feed inlet EPT platform #8594Main rolling mill #8594After EPT processing system #8594EPT up intent sort coiling set #8594EPT loading and unloading trolley

three. Rolling mill products configuration Spot rack(EPT up and intent kind): one established
3.two Two roller pinch and five roller leveling device : 1 established
three.3 Wedding ceremony and slicing gadget: 1 established
3.4 EPTr stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. loop: one particular established
three.5 Feeding EPT system: one set
three.six Main rolling mill: two sets Thickness meter(want to be set by yourself) two sets
three.8 Tensile EPT: 1 established
three.nine Outlet processing system: one established
three.10 EPT 4 pyramid coiling EPT: a single set
3.11EPT nearby manage box: two sets
3.12 EPT service desk: 1 piece
three.thirteen EPT station two sets
3.14Thin oil station: one particular set
three.fifteen A full set of anchor bolts

four. Primary EPT info EPT up and intent type place rack
Reels are cantiEPT kind framework, best opening coil sort, configure a auXiHu (West Lake) Dis.liary EPT feed roller gadget.
( Cycloidal-pin wheel EPT EPTr ability is 4kw)..
#9642 Primary purpose is to help to be rolled metal coil.
#9642 Reels specification: phi600 times800mm
#9642 Up-necking quantity:50mm ( phi470~ phi520mm)
#9642 Coil vehicle: mail be created up of saddle, cross touring trolley, XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. rail and so forth. Up-down movement of saddle and cross traveling of trolley all be EPTn by EPT cylinder.

four.two Two rollers pinch and five-roller straightening gadget
#9642 Straitening EPT sorts:two rollers pinch kind,five-roll straightening type.
#9642 Best pinch roller’s carry movement be EPTn by EPT cylinEPTwhile reduced pinch roll is immovable.
#9642 A few lower straightening rolls is immovable and two top straightening rolls be EPTn by EPT cylinEPTto swift elevate, so that is simple to through the belt.
#9642 Front stop of straightening EPT be geared up with EPT lifting telescopic XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. board white the back end outfitted with immovable XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. board.
#9642 Pinch roll specification: phi160*800mm times2
Straightening roll specification: phi140*800mm times5
#9642 Driving motor:AC frequency conversion motor with the ability of 15kw

4.three Wedding ceremony and cutting gadget
#9642 Be composed of adjustable cEPTring roller XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.s, EPT shear, two equally sides EPT pressure belt, base and many others.
#9642 Principal operate is to minimize off the head and conclude of steel belt, then to butt-wedding ceremony.
#9642 Dimension that the EPT shear EPT can reduce is four.five times700mm.

4.four Disc ground stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. looper
#9642 Be composed of horizontal feed roller, steel strip turn roller, vertical feed roller, pinch unit, turntable of loop,diagonal roller gadget, discharge XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. system, higher bracket system, pinch motor, turntable driving motor and so on.
#9642 Principal function:storage the constant to be rolling steel strip, implement endless rolling.
#9642 The clamping of pinch units adopted cylinEPTaction.
#9642 Looper stocks: diameter is 7m, Max bankable of metal belt is 30 ton.
#9642 Pinch motor:AC often motor 30KW
#9642 Rotary table motor:AC often motor 7.5KW times15
#9642 Pinching pace: 18~180m/min

four.five Feeding inlet EPT platform:
#9642 Be composed of steering roll, adjustable cEPTring roller XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.s, EPT control belt, foundation and so forth.
#9642 Principal operate is to flip to elevated metal and to cEPTring them, EPT control belt can give adequate hind stress.

4.6 Principal rolling mill phi150/ phi600 times750
4.6.1 Roller Assembly
#9642 Operating roller phi150 times750 substance:9Cr2Mo
EPTs are FC series constructive bending system (adopting proportional valve to control )
One side max bending drive is 200KN,max bending force is 400KN
#9642 Again-up roll phi600 times720 mm content:9Cr2Mo
The type of EPT is FCD7215710, the two back again-up roll and bearings be oiled by grease lubrication program.
#9642 Driving method: back again-up roll EPT

four.six.2 Screw down unit:EPT stress AGC(EPT screw down)
AGC EPT computerized thickness handle method is a indispensable EPT device in improving the rolling precision, in the meantime this system is an EPTant guarantee for manufacturer to accomplish positive aspects in the EPT competitive market. In orEPTto make certain the accuracy of thickness and good form issue of the metal strip goods, this method has the EPT force gauge management (AGC), consistent rolling press control (AFC), thickness pre-management and keep track of and many others capability. This method performs trustworthy, operates conveniently and self-protection operate is complete, has also databases of rolling EPT. When rolling different strip with diverse specs, there need only to contact out right rolling approach, that you can set the rolling condition ahead of the beginning of each and every rolling.

four.6.3 System parameter of EPT AGC
#9642 Method working force:21-25MPa,max force:32Mpa
#9642 EPTing accuracy: 5um
#9642 Pressing speed: 3mm/s (can be modified)
#9642 Program resonance frequency: fifteen-20Hz
#9642 Diameter of screw down cylinder: phi500mm
#9642 Screw down cylinEPTbe created with SKF large quality cast alloy metal, and passed 3 nondestructive screening.
#9642 Screw down cylinEPTstroke: 70mm
#9642 One particular screw cylinEPTon the two the left aspect and rigEPT aspect, max stress of the double cylinEPTis 800T.
#9642 Operating medium:forty six# anti-use EPT oil.
#9642 Displacement sensorAmerican MTS,precision is .5um,be mounted inside the gasoline tank,it is complete coding and also is transmitted by SSI large speed communication and indicators. Displacement sensor can bear in mind the unique calibration values, no want to re-pressed by, and have a higher operational efficiency.

#9642 Operate description
EPT roll gap placement handle.
EPT rolling drive handle
Pressure bias-adjustment
Thickness monitor
Thickness preceding control
Environment of rolling process

4.six.4 Stand assembly:

  1. Closing mill housing,column EPT: 350mm times450mm, shiny area
    b. Mill housing integral processing, guide shoves blows, equipped with liner.
    C. Keep track of materials:casting steel
    d. Rolls aXiHu (West Lake) location strain-plate

four.six.five Main driving elements:
a. Main motor sort:DC Z-five hundred-1,capacity P=670KW,rotational pace V=724/1200r/min(440V/1294A)
b. EPT:ZLY560,I=sixteen(EPTngsu Guo Mao cathay Pacific)
c. Herringbone EPT box:cEPTr length A=900mm,M=16,B=600mm,EPT surface regularly hardening
d. Lubrication of EPT and bigXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) box:slender oil lubrication
e. EPT shaft variety:metallurgical cross cardan shaft phi365 times1800
f. Base:welding elements ageing treatment. Discharge gate EPT system
#9642 Squeezing system, thickness gauges placeholder, steering roll system.
#9642 Steering roll specification: phi200 times800,substance 40Cr,tempering and quenching treatment method.
#9642 Squeezing device:adopted four-roll EPT type squeezing specification: phi120 times800

4.eight 4 pyramid EPT coilers
#9642 4 pyramid EPT coiler be composed of DC motor, winding EPT box,up intent type of spindle and cantiEPT supporting etc.( be geared up with EPT pliers)
(1) Reel diameter: phi600 times800mm up necking quantity:14mm
(2) Max stress:90KN
(3) WeigEPT of material bearing:8t
(4) Max coiling diameter:one.8m
(five) Coiling motor:Z4-315-forty two N=250KW n=600/1600r/min
Voltage: 380V
(six) Coiling EPT design:do-it-yourself medium hardened EPT surface, and skinny oil lubrication
EPT lifting trolley be composed of lifting stand, trolley seat frame, XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. column, lifting gasoline tank, movable fuel tank,trolley XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. rail and so on. Trolley’s lifting and walker both be EPTn by gasoline tank.

four.nine EPT station:

four.nine.1 One particular established of typical driving EPT station
#9642 EPT station:program stress is 6.3MPa, max force is 8MPa
EPT:Y132M2-6B5 five.5KW 960r/min
#9642 EPT pump product:YB1-forty
#9642 EPT station is equipped with chiller, liquid location show, oil filter. Controlling pressure EPTal by the valve.

4.9.2 Roller bending EPT station
#9642 Oil tank volume: 360L
#9642 Technique rated stream:22L/min
#9642 Method Max. stress: 210bar
#9642 Program operating strain: 180bar
#9642 Program reaction frequency: fifteen~20Hz
#9642 Technique operating temperature : 10-60 ordmC
#9642 Cooling type: drinking water coolant
#9642 Method filtering accuracy: 5um
#9642 EPT EPT of bending roll: 7.5kw

four.nine.3 Higher voltage AGC EPT station
#9642 Program force is 21MPa
#9642 The method obtaining two sets EPTed constant stress variation pump ( save strength and calorific price is tiny ) and two sets motor from EPT province (a device outfitted with a worker). Each output of pump geared up with an one-way valve which by way of the pressure oil filter and connecting accumulator then supply oil to the screw-down cylinEPTon the foundation. In orEPTto stop the pump overload, there is a security electromagnetic relief valve at the outlet utilized as over force security. In the suggest while, this valve can accomplish no-load pump commence, quit and program unload. Return oil circulation back again to oil tank by way of the oil filter tank.
#9642 The station also geared up with screwdown cylinEPTreturn to the pump device, connecting accumulator and delivering back strain oil resource to screwdown cylinder, the back pressure is 3MPa.
#9642 Unbiased circulation and cooling (plate-kind) are assured the clearness and temperature of program oil, and methods dependability.
#9642 EPT composed of oil cooler, accumulator, liquid EPT thermometer, electric powered speak to thermometer, liquid EPT management relays, air cleaner, oil breather filters, oil return filter, large strain oil filter and other these kinds of as EPT components.
#9642 Fuel tank and EPT pipe all be produced of stainless steel, also unbiased cyclical filtering cooler are set in to make oil loop, filtering and awesome. A variety of storage and buffering gadget ensured the response pace of system and reduced the vibration. High integrated design and style reduced the quantity of pipeline and valves, maXiHu (West Lake) Dis.mum avoid the leakage. Substantial cleanness(NAS7 stage) , superb security of pressure and dynamic traits ensured whole AGC handle method experienced a larger reaction speed and control precision.
#9642 EPT adopted accumulator and consistent force variable pump, so as to save vitality and decrease method heating.
#9642 The use of electromagnetic Aid EPT and pump interlock handle, realization of no – load commencing and stopping of the pump and this improves the provider daily life of the pump.
#9642 Electron magnetic valve and other major manage valve EPTed from Mannesmann EPT GmbH, there solution are trustworthy.

four.ten Processing Emulsion Lubricating Station

four.11 Thickness Gauge

four.12 Thin oil station
#9642 Operate:liable for lubricating to EPT, herringbone EPT box, front and hind coiling EPT.
Slender oil station getting capabilities this kind of as cooler, liquid stage indicator, filter technique and oil temperature indicator.
#9642 Method circulation rate:125L/min
#9642 EPT:4 KW

four.thirteen. Electric powered control technique
4.13.1 Host manage cupboard EPTr utilized siemens-6RA80 sequence DC growth of governor, ideal for 550KW 380V EPT motor of primary rolling mill direct recent motor,control accuracy can get to .1%flux – weakening management can be attained, so as to enhance the motor pace by two-3 times. (dependent on the motor parameter)equipped with EPT circuit, imput choke, growth of SCR, fast-fuse safety.

4.13.2 Coiling control cabinet EPTr utilized siemens-6RA80 series DC xpansion of governor, suitable for 250KW 380V DC motor, handle accuracy can achieve .one%, flux – weakening control can be reached, so as to increase the motor pace by 2-three occasions.(depending on the motor parameter), equipped with EPT circuit, imput choke, growth of SCR, swift-fuse defense, armature ammeter sign, Fault indicator and reset buttons.

4.13.three Procedure box and EPT operational desk incXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. the subsequent terms.
a. Major EPT and coiling EPT all be equipped emergency buttons this sort of as one motion, interaction, execs and disadvantages affect, ongoing optimistic and damaging operation, EPT breaker, branch breaker button and so on.
b. Withing the host speed knob, EPTing, discharge and stress button.
c. The meters independently indicates host rotational speed, host currents, welding rigidity etc.
d. Each and every EPT motion be managed by knob.
e. Pressing down the button.

5.Tasks to both aspect
Tasks scope of acquirer:
one. Liable for delivering EPT to tools electrical handle cabinet inside of .three meters, offering also all wire cables, line slot and EPT pipe operates that necessary in set up.
two. Accountable for lifting gear to the installation area and supplying needed content in debugging incXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. lifting device(50T), metal wire ropes(50T), welding unit, water, electric power, lubricating oil, lubrication grease, EPT oil, EPT lubricate, EPT oil and so on.
3. Dependable for generating of method lubrication system and circulating water program. (the supplier supply the complex specifications)
4. Responsible for gear concrete foundation engineering, that incXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. established embedded metal plate, shim steel and wedge metal utilised during setting up, railway, basis bolt, 2nd-grouting, preserve pipeline groove and slot protect (design on the basis of the drawing)
five. Arranging customers cooperate with experts from our facet incXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. EPT set up and debugging, creation line installation and lathe screening and many others.
6. Supply standard accommodation to debugging personnel.

Dependable scope of the provider:

  1. Basis drawing will be offer inside forty five daEPTafter the agreement is signed. (any dissent, please writing to supplier within seven daEPTafter EPTd the drawing, the drawing will be reXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.d to have verified by consumer if there is not any written dissent.
  2. Offering variety of wearing elements and amount that be outfitted to the EPT, producer data and so on.

3. Offering operating guidelines of rolling mill, putting on components checklist and EPT schematic diagram and many others.
4. Sending technician make the installation assistance and device screening after the EPT arrived at acquirer’s scene.
5. In orEPTto make sure acquirers employee can independently, expertly procedure and upkeep, the instruction to buyers is accessible.

Following-income services:
In orEPTto safeguard customer’s genuine rights and passions, to get rid of theirs anxieties, our firm do the adhering to issues:

  1. Choose the ideal resolution, building person provider EPT data files for after-sale monitoring services.
  2. To ensure the product quality, we monitoring, check and screening all the approach.
  3. Moreover, we guarantee warranty support commitments to client as the under:
  1. The warranty is a single year start from our merchandise be confirmed was qualified. Within the warranty, damage parts that non-induced by the user can be free of charge alternative sporting components incXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. triggered by buyer is not inside the scope of the warranty.
  2. React inside of 24 several hours following EPTd a contact or fax from customer’s essential service. Timely send qualified EPT service staff arrived at the need equipment used on-facet.
  3. Consumer can purchase elements straight from our EPT soon after the warranty expire. We will set up EPT support when it be necessary by the purchaser, this only demand EPT and can preserve your funds much

Please notice the pursuing:
1. Unmentioned terms in this complex plan ought to to solve base on pleasant negotiation amongst our equally sides.
two.The specialized scheme in two unique copies, entry into force soon after signed and sealed by equally events, attached to the agreement and has equivalent authorized influence..

Ahead of sale: style the appropriate EPT based mostly on the particular demands

Medium sale:

1.Primarily based on customer’s desire to offer reasonable quotation undertaking 2.Accept clients to visit our factory

three.Aid client operate out the schedule in china

Right after-sale:

1.On-internet site instruction staff 2.Appoint EPT aftersale service employees, arrived at the scene XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. clients set up and fee

HangEPT EPT Electrical amp EPT Equiment Co., Ltd.
With more than twenty a long time encounter in metallurgical sector, The major enterprise scope for the metallurgical EPTry, substantial-pace EPT box, hardened EPT EPT. High-pace wire rod, bar, EPT steel rolling mill production line layout, creation, revenue and set up As effectively as for the aviation, steel, oil, electric power, coal mining EPTry to offer EPT re-producing laser quenching, welding, cladding supporting processing, surface corrosion and put on-resistant alloy protective processor entire set of EPT deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ment, providers and apps. Crack detection of the gear and spare components, CMM evaluate and Equipment detection. EPT via the ISO9001 certification, the use of quotEPT quot registered trademark of ZheJiang well-known brand, with a lot more than 10 patEPTd EPT, the institution of a total investigation and deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ment, creation and quality assurance method for large-tech EPTrprises.

  in Nurenberg Germany  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Cold Rolling Mill Block Mill Steel Strip Plant Strip Production Line manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Nurenberg Germany  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Cold Rolling Mill Block Mill Steel Strip Plant Strip Production Line manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler